Heidi Patient Care Coordinator

 Heidi grew up in Southern New Jersey, but has called Ithaca home since 2010. She was a television and radio professional for 10 years before some changes in her life made her realize that she wanted to help people in her work. After searching for a couple of years, she found it in the dental field, as the mouth is the gateway to the body and directly related to its health. She likes to welcome patients and make them feel comfortable when they come into the office--whether it's for a simple cleaning or a more involved procedure--and likes to answer any questions that they may have. She tries to put herself in their shoes to be able to understand and help them better. Heidi is a Reiki practitioner and volunteers with Enlighten Reiki Clinic in Homer and Ithaca. She volunteers for the Tompkins County SPCA as a kitten foster parent, much to the chagrin of her two cats, Earl and Noodle. She also runs the monthly group Ithaca Tarot Salon, where people meet to share and discuss their knowledge of Tarot. When not working or volunteering, Heidi has an interest in knitting, sewing and clothing history, belly dancing, yoga, study of her spiritual practice and meditation. She believes that everything she does may appear to be mutually exclusive, but they are completely intertwined and that's how she approaches life.